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The Green Nosed Reindeer Poem

Funny Christmas Poem about the Green Nosed Reindeer 🦌

Rudolph the snot nosed reindeer had a terribly bad cold

His rosy red nose had turned green one hundred and one multifold

Then one morn', sweet Santa said to him,

'Rudolf with your nose green, you'd better stay in'

Leaving a trail of green snotty slime

Rudolf the reindeer shuffled back to his pine

While he was dreaming of strange green bells

Suddenly he was awakened by Santa yelling 'Hell'

Gratefully leaving his green bell choir

What he discovered was Santa's house afire

Quickly he ran into the house

All grey with smoke just like a mouse

All was dark and confusion and terror

What was needed was a courageous torchbearer

And finally his nose, no longer a misfit

Shining and green as an emergency exit

Everyone escaped out into the cold

And this was how green turned to the value of gold

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