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Don't Shop at Pet Stores ! Stop Puppy Mills !

What is a puppy mill ?

“the most basic definition is that a puppy mill is any large-scale breeder who uses irresponsible breeding practices with the goal of making the most money possible in the shortest period of time. Smaller-scale breeders who are irresponsible are usually referred to as backyard breeders, although the problems are the same regardless of the size of the operation.''

Lots of senior dogs that end up at a rescue shelter after being used and abused (if they are lucky and are still alive) are puppy mill survivors just as @Grigri_thepom

puppy mill rescue puppy mill survivor
Puppy mill survivor - sadly she died later that day

puppy mill rescue 80 dogs have been saved that day
Puppy Mill survivor Grigri saved - in blue cage

When the police rescued 80 puppy mill dogs in Spain, Grigri was one of them.. he looked so bad that only the last rescue @acecharity_org took him & the 13 others that were left behind, the ones no other shelter wanted!..

They spend months at the hospital to recover.. before getting adopted.

puppy mill rescue puppy mill survivors
puppy mill survivors, some spend 8 years in a cage before getting rescued

People who adopt rescues are a special breed. You already know it's important to make sure you're not supporting puppy mills, which some people do inadvertently. "Any breeder that won't take a dog back, sells you a dog under eight weeks old or wants to ship you the dog is running a puppy mill and masquerading as a breeder..

If you are considering buying a dog instead,... here are a few tips to avoid being tricked by a puppy mill.


* Allow you to visit the area puppy and parents live

* Only breed one type of dog and know the breed well

* Encourage multiple visits with your entire family to meet the dog

* Never sell to a pet store or unknow buyers over the internet

* Has a contract that requires the return of dog at any point in

time during the life of the life if the person cannot keep/care for him

* Has a guarantee for health and temperament


* No requirements to purchase the dog

* Will not allow you to meet parents of the puppy or let you see the area they live in

* Has multiple types of puppies for sale or has puppies available

* Being able to purchase online or at a pet store

* They are willing to ship the puppy to you


an advocate for Senior dogs

a voice against puppymills

aka a Dog Mom

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