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Kahu, being a guardian to your senior dog

cartoon drawing dogmom with pink hair and senior pomeranian in the woods
being a 'kahu' for your pet

In Hawaiian, you don't call yourself your pet's owner

You are their Kahu ❤

Kahu has many meanings, among them :

guardian, protector, steward, beloved attendant..

basically someone entrusted with the safekeeping of something precious, something cherished.

What a kahu protects is not their property, what they protect is part of their soul ❤

Kahu is only part of the whole. Kahuna - Kahu” means “keeper”, “honored servant” or “high servant who takes charge of persons, property, or knowledge.” “Na” means to care for, to settle difficulties, in a legal sense; quiet, pacified, as an aggrieved child; calmed, quieted, as one’s passions calm and centered.

So, in ancient times, there were Kahuna of fishing, farming, and planting; there were Kahuna of philosophy, negotiation, and government; there were Kahuna of canoe building, navigation, and tiki (statue) carving; and there were Kahuna of child birthing and rearing. There were also (and this is our main interest in Huna), medical Kahuna called La’au Lapa’au; predictors called Kilokilo, or those who did divination; psychological healers called La’au Kahea; and mystical initiators, called Na’auao.


a a 'Senior Dog' mom-O-Holic

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