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Cats and Boxes.. A Match made in Heaven

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

** Living in a box.. living in a cartboard box.. living in a box*

Cats and boxes go together like tuna and fish. There’s something incredibly satisfying to be Inside. A Box.

Even if it’s a bit…snug.

Two things bring cats out of a dead sleep: the sound of a can opener and the vibe of a new box in the house. They are powerless over the box ... and if there's stray packing tape hanging off one of sides, even better.

If a box is traveling into the house at 2 miles and hour and a cat is sleeping at 0 miles per hour, how long will it take for the cat to inhabit the box?

Less than 10 seconds!

If you’ve never lived with cats, you may not have encountered this phenomena, but it is a universal truth. If you place a box of nearly any size on nearly any surface, at some point you will find nearly any cat inside the box. Sometimes there are variations of on or under the box, but the attraction is obvious.

But why? In an attempt to understand this secret held close by felines of all varieties, here some reasons why cats like boxes...

* They’re always the right size.

* They help cats be extra sneaky.

* They come with fun crinkly paper.

* They make great forts.

* They protect you from dogs.

*There’s room for a friend.

* They make very good hiding places.

* They go with every outfit.

* They’re comfortable.

* They have corners to rub on.

* You can swat dogs as they go by and they won’t know it was you.

* They’re fun to explore.

* You can play kitty inception.

* They fit perfectly, every time.

* They’re fun for all ages.

* They fit in anywhere.

* They make every cat look even cuter.

Boxes are insulating, stress-relieving, comfort zones—places where cats can hide, relax, sleep, and occasionally launch a sneak attack against the huge, unpredictable dogs they live with.


Crazy cat lady

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