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Tired of carrying your dogs poop bag while you're on a walk? Don't worry! Lulu and Pup's hands free poop bag holder is here to help! Just slip the knot of the waste bag through the middle of the loop and you're good to go!


Why this fecal bag clip ?

- Simple, practical and unique

- This pendant is only available online and not in retail stores

- Trendy, cool and timeless design for all genders

- Simplifies walking and training with your dog

- The perfect gift idea for dog owners. Whether for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter, etc. Due to the trendy design, the poop bag clip is a great gift at any time of the year that will be great.

- This poop bag holder will help you to better organize yourself during the walk, or training, because you always have your hands free until the next trash can comes

Handsfree Poop Bag Carrier

  • - Thanks to carabiner clip usable on the leash, on the bag, on the trouser loop, keys, strollers and much more.

    - Stylish and cool design for all genders

    - Easy cleaning under running water

    - Size: 6 x 6 x 0.5 cm (WxHxD) + snap hook: 4.6 cm

    - Dirt and water repellent

    - Quick and easy attachment

    - High quality PVC material which is durable and stretchy or difficult to break. Carabiner clip made of high quality metal

    - Available in 2 different colors

    - sturdy, easy to clean silicone

    - comes with carabiner clip to attach to any leash

    - holds multiple bags


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