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“A sleeping puppy is contentment embodied.”

Nathan Crocket

Does your dog sleep with you in bed.. just blame the bad wolf of little red riding hood.. he started it! ;)

Is there anything more glorious than curling up with your dog for a nap? (Note: Some dogs aren’t into cuddling or sharing a bed, so never “make” a dog do so.)

Should my dog sleep in bed with me?

A great number of society’s naysayers, judgment police, and Internet “sources” say that sleeping in the same bed with a dog somehow breaks up the pack order and shows weakness on your part.

Some people just sleep better with a dog (or more) by their side.

So Speaketh the Truth

Dogs who sit on your couch and/or want to get on the bed and snooze with you are not trying to rule your life. On the contrary: They simply want to be next to you!

Comfortable, Much?

I’m the first to admit I will move over for the sake of the dog. I find myself crammed into a fetal position like lotus flowers while the dog sprawls out froggy style and snores to his heart’s content..

It gives comfort and joy... to the dog

I laugh at myself in doing so because I know what it is like to have an empty space in that bed. For those of you who have loved and lost a pet, you know that angst and hell-on-earth feeling when they are no longer in your life. I carry that suitcase of grief daily. Hell yes, my dogs sleep on my bed. They have the choice of sleeping on their own doggie bed,.. but they prefer to be at my side.

Even when they snore.. when my ex snored, I’d get so mad that I’d huff out of the room all dramatically and go sleep on the couch.

When my dogs snores? Awwwww! What a sweet sound!

senior dog pomeranian sleeping sleepy dog
Grigri 13 taking a nap

When Not to Let your pet on the Bed

Because this is a reality-based blog, I’d be lying through my teeth if I didn’t approach the “sometimes there are instances when a dog is best served not on a bed with his humans” theory. Those times include:

If there is more than one dog in the house and there is a chance for a brawl to occur in the middle of the night: You know, if someone bumps a paw, a tail, or tries to get too close.

If you fear rolling on the dog and causing the dog harm: This has happened to people and can you imagine?

Owner guarding is an all too real issue where a bed mate suddenly joins the pack: you know, mommy has a boyfriend/girlfriend. Suddenly your pet is expected to share his “den” with some hairy dude. Said hairy dude just might want to engage in things with mommy that the dog finds threatening. This is the reason most people politely have the dog leave the room during physical relations.

In other words, out goes the dog when sex happens.

senior dog chorkie dog sleeping
Lily, 8, sleeping like an 'angel'

When a significant other has a problem with the dog being on the bed, that significant other is not so, well, significant in my life any longer. Thankfully, that isn’t my problem.

When there are dog-related or human-related medical problems, this is understandable for all parties involved if the dog is best on his bed or in his doggie area off the bed.

Allergies to pets is one of the most common reasons that people don’t allow their dogs in the bedroom, let alone the bed. It isn’t the dog’s hair or the fur that causes the reaction/allergies in humans. People are generally allergic to the dander of a dog, or flakes of dead skin, along with a dog’s saliva or even urine. So even if a dog has very short hair, any dog can potentially cause an allergic reaction.

mini maltese senior dog adopt a senior dog sleeping sleepy
Dulce, 13, if not on my lap she will be sleeping on the couch or on one of several dogbeds

What to Say to Naysayers

For those who say that dogs should never be allowed to sleep on a bed, here are a few snappy witticisms you are free to borrow. Of course, sometimes the best response is no response.

They say: “Dogs belong in a kennel or on a floor, not on a human bed.”

Your reply: “People used to sleep in caves and look at us now!”

I love that one, especially if a guy tells me where dogs belong.

They say: “Dogs are dirty and their feet and fur are filled with who knows what.”

Your reply: “Much like the skin cells that humans are shedding all day and night, so we can co-exist together.”

They say: “Dogs need to know their place. You are supposed to be the alpha.”

You say: “I’m just glad my dog gives me some space on the bed.”

In all seriousness, it’s your life and you owe no one an explanation. In this day and age of social confrontation, the delete key is a wonderful thing.

So, where does your dog(s) sleep ?

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