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We have a great selection of fun, colorful + whimsical personalized pet ID tags, so you're sure to find that one little accessory that suits your dog or cat perfectly

Your very own Pet ID Tag.. - the perfect way to show off your pet's cheerful and lively personality!

poop dog tag

poop dog tag

  • Name tag for your pet - round

    Glossy Aluminum - 31 x 38 x 1.14 mm

    Please note that tags are not indestructible and are not chew resistant. They are intended to last for several years, but any item that is worn continuously will experience wear and tear.

     If this is the first time your pet has ever worn a dog tag, supervise to make sure they don't try to eat it first.

    the nameplate is made of aluminum and the printing is sublimated. You are assured of a durable product that you can enjoy for a long time.

    Maintenance: use some warm water or some spare drool from your dog to clean the tag.

    ▴ DONATIONS ▴ We donate 20% of our profits to animal shelters and rescues to help other animals in need.



    sublimation print


    31 x 38 x 1.14mm

    with FREE ring.

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