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Wow I feel good

I knew that I would, now

I feel good

I knew that I would, now

So good, so good, I got you


when you hear  this song of James Brown, you need this Tote Bag to go with it :) Feel the Vibe


Our Tote Bags are the perfect gift.

We have a fun selection of Fun, colorful + whimsical custome made TOTE BAGS so you will certainly find the best Tote bag ..– the perfect way to express your buoyant and lively personality!    


FUN MONSTER tote bag

  • * Handmade

    * 100% polyester

    * Sublimation print - high quality print that is printed in the fabric of the Tote bag

    * dimensions 38 cm x 42 cm

    * to clean by wiping it with a damp sponge.

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