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Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Water

cartoon drawing dog in water tips to keep your dog safe

The temperature is rising, dogs who love water can't wait to jump in..

but before they do .. is it save ?

Many dogs love the water, but not all dogs are naturally designed for water activities. Whether a swimmer or a watcher, your dog wants to be with the family at poolside, at the lake or at the beach. These safety tips can help keep your dog safe this summer:

• Never throw your dog into the water. Introduce your dog to the water slowly. Not all dogs are natural swimmers, especially breeds with short, wide heads and flat muzzles like Pugs, English Bulldogs & many body types are not naturally buoyant. Dog-proof the area.

•Don't throw a ball into strange waters until you check what lies beneath the surface. Large or jagged rocks, sudden drop-offs, slippery river rocks, and frigid water temperatures could mean a trip to the emergency room for your pet. Use a water safety vest at the lake, river, or ocean. Swimming is exhausting. A life jacket ensures that your dog stays afloat, even in an undertow.

•Make your dog rest. Most dogs will fetch until they drop. Dogs must be forced out of the water every now and then to rest. A tired dog is more at risk of drowning. Bring fresh water for your dog to drink. Your dog will be tempted to drink from that pool or lake. Fresh water contains parasites and algae, pool water contains chlorine and ocean water contains salt. None are good for your dog.

•Dry your dog's ears. Moisture in the ear canal contributes to ear infections.

•Give your dog a quick rinse with the hose after a swim. Chlorine and other chemicals can dry out your dog's skin. Never leave your dog unattended around water -even if he has a safety vest & is an excellent swimmer.

•Teach your dog how to get out of the pool.

• Place a rubber mat on the side of the pool allows animals who have fallen in to escape safely.

rubber mat on the side of the pool for animals who have fallen in
rubber mat on the side of the pool for animals who have fallen in

•Prevent pool accidents from happening while you are away. Install a pool fence with a lockable gate. It will prevent other pets from entering or accidentally falling into it.

• learning Pet CPR is a great way to be prepared when an emergency happens.

• For senior dogs, swimming is a fantastic exercise because it is joint friendly, particularly for arthritic dogs who have issues with bones, joints and cartilage.

Swimming is great cardiovascular exercise, burns off excess energy and helps to reduce stress. It can be very therapeutic for senior dogs because water makes a dog’s body buoyant and makes moving easier. It can also reduce pain by strengthening cartilage, joints, and muscles, and improving circulation.


a dogmom of 3 dogs that don't like to get wet:)

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