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Poem on Senior Dog life

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

senior pomeranian black and white tongue out
Grigri 12 years old

Poem from a Senior Dog

I remember the first time I saw you,

I was coming of the plane

Hoping you would love me,

praying you would care

I wasn't young, had no teeth

survived 7 years in a puppymill,

it's a wonder we meet.

I was nerveus, didn't know what to expect

I hoped you would accept me

I was holding my breath.

You took one look and opened your arms,

I accepted without shame.

Then you grew to love me,

And I admit the same.

I have shared with you your laughter,

You have wet my fur with wine.

We've come to know each other

throughout these years of fun

Just one more cuddle this morning

before you start your working day.

Know I will think about you

Throughout your busy day.

I'll faithfully wait here for you

till your return to me

My heart is yours forever

I promise-- but

Please, never leave me



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