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Bye bye Summer Tags, Welcome Autumn Pet ID Tags

Fun Fall Tags that leaf you smiling

Fall is coming! That’s not only great news for sweater lovers, pumpkin spice fanatics, and football fans, it’s insanely good news for the dogs of the world who get to play in the leaves! And hope it sticks in their fur so they can bring it home ;)

Majestic and wondrous piles of leaves that a canine can play in for literally hours on end. In honor of the fall season, we proudly present our Fall Dog Tags with Lily's paw of approval offcourse.

Soon you can enjoy some warm soup and play a game of Scrabble by a roaring fireplace while you scroll through these adorable dog tags that your dog can wear while diving into another pile of leaves.

Let me know which is your favorite.. and which does your dog like ?

Dog and Cat ID Tags for Pets with an attitude! 🐾

Here some tags, more to discover in the Autumn section of the shop

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