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10 best Christmas gifts for you and your dog under 20€

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your dog?

Admit it, there is something magical about the Christmas season. This is the time to give, people bring their Christmas tree into their homes and you can soak up the Christmas atmosphere in the city. And we all love to get presents during the Christmas holidays. The same goes for our four-legged friends: many dogs receive a Christmas present around the end of December.

Yes, most dogs are happy with a stick you find in the park, but there are many other gifts to choose from.

And of course every dog mom or dad deserves a gift, so Ladylilysfunnybags_tagswagbrag selected the 5 best Christmas gifts for your dog and 5 gifts for you especially for you.

“The best thing you can give a dog is your attention. Ladylilysfunnybags_tagswagbrag comes second by a margin”.

Top 5 best Christmas gift for your dogs and cats

  1. Ladylilysfunnybags_tagswagbrag Christmas Pet ID tags

  2. N & R Dogstyle for cute bandana's and bowties and for the US Roundtablemutts

  3. Snuffle Giftbox Hondenbier en Hondenfrieten

  4. Tenderlovingdoggycare for fun and healthy pupcakes

  5. or give a donation to your favorite shelter

Top 5 funny christmas gifts for you (for your bestie or for your husband)

  1. Ladylilysfunnybags fun tote bags

  2. Radbag dirty bitch soap

  3. Radbag cheeky Christmas gnomes

  4. Radbag wine glass

  5. Megagadgets Pottyputter

Let's go into detail - Top 5 best Christmas gifts for cats and dogs.

Ladylilysfunnybags_tagswagbrag Christmas Pet Id Tags

A real treat is this fun dog tag, looking cute while stay safe in case you run or during these busy days..


Our fun, handmade dog tags for the holidays are the perfect gift for your pet. These festive tags are great for any breed or size of pet.

We've got a fun selection of fun, colorful + whimsical personalized pet ID tags, so you're sure to find that one teeny-tiny accessory for your dog.

How to choose.. easy.. choose them all.. yes you can.. buy 3 buy 3 get 1 pet id tag for free from our Christmas Collection.

Best of all, 20% of all proceeds go to animal shelters

N & R Dogstyle fun bandana's & bowties

Looking for nice handmade Christmas bandanas and bowties for the holidays in Belgium, look no further. N&R Dogstyle has them all. Nice patterns, good prices and fast delivery. This small business is run by a lovely dog mom. And the best part is that every bandana and bowtie is always approved by her dogs.


If you live in America, be sure to check out Roundablemutts, a small business owned by a fun dogmom and her dog King Arthur. They have super cute bandanas and they donate 20% of their proceeds to animal shelters.

Snuffle Giftbox Hondenbier en Hondenfrieten

This Snuffle Giftbox is a real treat. This box contains what the dog owner hopes will be under the tree for him every year, namely beer! Not real beer, of course, because this dog beer naturally contains no alcohol and it doesn't fizz either. The beer is made from ingredients that are also used for human consumption. A mix of beef, poultry and malt and barley extracts make it a tasty pint.

The Snuffle Giftbox also contains crispy fries made from real potatoes and corn. Crispy baked with hot air and therefore low in fat. The fries, of course, do not contain salt and other added flavourings.

This Giftbox also stands out in terms of price because for only €12.60 you already have this box at home. In our opinion one of the best Christmas gifts for dogs.

Tenderlovingdoggycare fun healthy pupcakes

A healthy cupcake that is really healthy? Yes, that's possible.

For birthdays they are personalized with name and age. (Photos of B-day Pupcakes to be added)

These tasty Pupcakes contain:

no added sugars

no preservatives,

no grains or gluten

natural coloring agents

no animal by-products.

Ingredients: these cakes are all vegan, based on fresh carrots

Or donate to your local shelter

What better gift than a donation to your favorite animal shelter in the name of your dog. Animal shelters are always in need of donations, especially this time of year.

If you are still looking for a good rescue, be sure to take a look at Vucjakshelter in Serbia. They are not fortunate enough to be supported by their government and are completely dependent on donations.

If you live in America and you are still looking for an animal shelter, be sure to pay a virtual visit to cmp_animal_rescue. Their mission in MN is to help everyone recognigze the inherent worth and dignity of all animals.

Top 5 funny christmas gifts for you (for your bestie or for your husband)

Ladylilysfunnybags leuke Tote Bags for all your Christmas gifts ;)

Everyone needs a nice tote bag for shopping, for your beach gear, for all your dog's stuff :)

A great tote like ours is big enough to comfortably carry everything you need for the day - books, laptop, gym clothes, sunscreen?

The great thing about the carrying case is its flexibility. Do you think you need something? Toss it in the carrying case.

We have different designs so you can swap them out and they won't take up much space in your closet.

Best of all, 20% of all proceeds go to animal shelters

Radbag - Dirty Bitch Soap

Nice crazy nice smelling soap for cool chicks

Of course, you may not have any Dirty Bitches in your circle of friends at all. But maybe you do ;) Sometimes they just "Bitches", those girls ,) And maybe a little "Dirty" too.

This is the perfect bitchy gift in bitch pink. Brave girls probably say "pink". Being a little bitchy and a little dirty is okay every now and then. As long as people don't exaggerate. Or take everything so seriously. Change those "dirty bitches" good girls again with this great soap.

Radbag cheeky Christmas Gnomes

On top of the mountain, yes there is a little dwarf...

We would like to continue singing, but honestly? We are slightly shocked by our 4 garden gnomes. Maybe it's because we made them extra small, so that they also fit in your flower pots. Or maybe it's because they're meant for indoors rather than outdoors. The fact is that our dwarves are just a little bit bolder than usual. And you know what, that's totally okay. Brings some life to the brewery. Bet your grumpy aunt will even have to laugh about it at the next family celebration?

Radbag Wine glass

Wine glass Good day Bad day

We'll say it right away. It probably doesn't work in calamities of any kind to drown it in alcohol or hope for relief from drinking it. Which, on the other hand, should not prevent us from pointing out our - depending on how pronounced - misery to others. The wine glass 'Good Day - Bad Day - Don't Even Ask' is very practical for this purpose. It improves mood - no matter the circumstances ;)

And if you just want to enjoy a nice glass - pour as much as you want. Can't really hurt if dosed properly.

megagadgets pottyputter

Now practice your golf skills in the toilet with this funny Potty Putter. Mat, golf club, a hole and a 'do not disturb' sign included!

• Fits any toilet bowl

• Mat, golf club, hole, 'do not disturb' sign included

• Golf cloth dimensions: 85 x 77cm, Golf club dimensions: 58cm

And yes, you are on the toilet longer than necessary, because it is so much fun to play ;)

that's a wrap :)

Let me know if you bought anything from this list (I'm not sponsored, just curious)


a dogmom

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