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Introducing the Autumn Pet Tag Collection


Bye Summer dog tags, welcome Autumn collection.

Autumn is a beautiful season when the leaves turn golden and the weather cools down a bit. The changing colors of the leaves, the crispness in the fall air, I just love the season of fall.

What better way to enjoy the fall days than with these 8 brand new TagSwagBrag Pet ID tags!

Now your dog can jump AND roll around in piles of leaves, which is great fun for them. Dogs also have a heightened sense of smell, the smell of rotting leaves is very strong for them so they will definitely want to explore that while wearing their "Let's Spice things up" tag or "Want a Piece" Pet ID tag. Don't miss it.., Shop now

Why pet ID tags ?
Because you want the best for your furchild. You want them to be as safe as possible. Not only are each tag handcrafted using recycled aluminum metal, they are lightweight and easy to carry for your pet and you can add your information on the back to ensure they can get him or her home safely (and see them looks super cute)
Along with chipping at the vet, this is one of the best ways to protect your dog!

Why TagSwagBrag pet ID tags?
You view your pet as a family. As a 'crazy' dog mom, I only want the best for your pet (just ask Grigri and Lily). They are handmade in my home in Belgium under the strict supervision of Grigri and Lily, using high quality materials so your pet gets excellent quality pet ID tags because they deserve only the best!
They are unique, made with a lot of humor and passion and you won't find them anywhere else.

And 20% of all proceeds go to help in need.

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